Barn the Spoon Spatula Carving Kit - Spatula Kit Barn the Spoon Spatula Carving Kit - Spatula Kit Barn the Spoon Spatula Carving Kit - Spatula Kit Barn the Spoon Spatula Carving Kit - Spatula Kit
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Barn the Spoon Spatula Carving Kit

Barnaby Carder

Barn the Spoon carves wood with axes and knives. He's done this most of his life and now dedicates his time to carving spoons. After years of sleeping in forests, sculpting green wood and selling his wares on street corners, Barn now has a shop on the Hackney Road in East London. His spoons are deceptively simple, formed of swooping smooth planes and elegant notches with a skilled hand. If you visit his shop, you get that Goldilocks-esque pleasure of finding one that's 'just right'. Barn is also a great teacher and a lovely man.

For this first kit with Barn, we're starting with spatulas. You might think you know your kitchen utensils, but imagine learning to carve one that is particular to you. The one that balances in your hand, leans deftly on your pans and flips the food you make. If it's not right, you can change it.

1. A 'spatula blank'. Axed out in a softwood sourced by Barn from London parks and surrounding areas; this first batch is lime wood.
2. Mora of Sweden '106'. A thin, tapered knife with a laminated blade traditionally used for carving traditional Dala Horses
3. A 28 page illustrated and hand-stitched instruction manual. Written by Barn, the manual walks through each step and grip in detail.

Plus an online instructional film, viewable to all:

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WARNING: This kit requires the use of a carving knife. Knives are dangerous and must be used with caution. MINORS SHOULD BE SUPERVISED BY AN ADULT. We strongly encourage everyone to refer to the instructional manual and tutorial video when using this kit. Please use your best judgement and contact us at if you have any questions.

We'd like to say a big thank you to Sapphire Goss of Planet Caravan for creating our instructional film and to Robin Mellor for photographing the kit.