Stamp Set with Marine Duroselle Stamp Set with Marine Duroselle Stamp Set with Marine Duroselle Stamp Set with Marine Duroselle
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Stamp Set with Marine Duroselle

Marine Duroselle

SMP CoLab Exclusive

This LIMITED EDITION set of rubber ink stamps has been created by the French artist and designer Marine Duroselle, whose work encompasses a rich language of pattern and color. The shapes are letters of the alphabet expressed as pictograms, where W is water and M is a mountain range. But they might be whatever you imagine.

'I like to associate one shape with another' says Marine, 'to make it speak.'

The seven stamps are made from rubber and birch plywood in Paris and London. A set of four inks, hand-picked by Marine, are also available to buy separately from the SMP shop.

The set is packaged in a brass wire stitched box, made in Sheffield, England and wrapped in a risograph printed sleeve.


SMP Colab works with artists, makers, designers and independent businesses to create new kits and products. They each celebrate a particular material or method and marry exceptional skill with design. We believe a well designed outcome can ignite the desire to try something new.

Thank you to Sapphire Goss of Planet Caravan for creating our film and to Marina Castagna for photographing the set.