TWSU Thirsty Plant Kit TWSU Thirsty Plant Kit TWSU Thirsty Plant Kit TWSU Thirsty Plant Kit
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TWSU Thirsty Plant Kit

Technology Will Save Us

The TWSU Thirsty Plant Kit is a tantalizing combination of nature, traditional and new technology and a dash of renewable energy for good measure. Based around simple circuitry and powered with a solar panel, this canny device will flash when your plants need watering.

For beginners and ages 8 and up (with supervision). Hackable by more advanced makers using an Arduino.

  • 1 Solar Panel
  • 2 LEDs
  • 2 MOSFETs
  • 2 Resistors
  • 2 Nails
  • 1 Grey Wire Pair
  • 1 Empty Container
  • 1 Container of Plastic Paris
  • 1 Rubber Tube
  • 1 Plastic Paint Marker
  • 3 Waterproof Case Pieces

Technology Will Save Us describes itself as a haberdashery for technology and education, with solder and LEDs in place of needles and thread.
Through schools and community outreach, founders Bethany Koby and Daniel Hirschmann are on a mission to help anyone become a maker of technology - a curiosity about the way things work being at the heart of what they do. TWSU's kits are accessible to all and combine essential, basic technological knowledge with projects that are smartly designed, genuinely useful and downright cool.

Technology Will Save Us are based in Hackney, East London.
Explore their resources and find out more about their work at