TWSU Electro Dough Kit TWSU Electro Dough Kit TWSU Electro Dough Kit TWSU Electro Dough Kit
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TWSU Electro Dough Kit

Technology Will Save Us

Colorfully subverting the idea that technology is all about cold metals and hard angles, this Electro Dough Kit encourages creation of conductible forms that can be in any shape you desire! Soft, lumpy mountains perhaps? An army of dinosaurs, or a rainbow of neat cut-outs - brought to life with LEDs, buzzers and switches.
The moldable dough can be made from basic household goods and is a creative and hands-on introduction to the world of circuit building - the beginning of many more ambitious technological endeavors!

Ideal for novices and suitable for ages 4 and up (with supervision of course).

  • Jumper wire bundle
  • 1 Battery Holder for 4 AAs (batteries not included)
  • 20 Red and Green LEDs (light emitting diode)
  • 2 LDRs (light-dependent resistor)
  • 2 Tilt Switches
  • 1 Miniature Buzzer
  • 3 Cutters
  • 10 Crocodiles leads

Technology Will Save Us describes itself as a haberdashery for technology and education, with solder and LEDs in place of needles and thread.
Through schools and community outreach, founders Bethany Koby and Daniel Hirschmann are on a mission to help anyone become a maker of technology - a curiosity about the way things work being at the heart of what they do. TWSU's kits are accessible to all and combine essential, basic technological knowledge with projects that are smartly designed, genuinely useful and downright cool.

Technology Will Save Us are based in Hackney, East London.
Explore their resources and find out more about their work at