Chibitronics Starter Kit Chibitronics Starter Kit Chibitronics Starter Kit
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Chibitronics Starter Kit


Circuit Stickers are peel-and-stick electronics for crafting circuits. You can use them to add electronics to any number of sticker-friendly surfaces such as paper, fabric and plastic. They allow you to build interactive projects that can light up and sense your movements without any complicated equipment or programming skills.

Chibitronics starter kit is a collaboration between Jie Qi, a Grad Student at MIT media lab and Bunnie from Studio Kosagi. The starter kit contains everything you need to use Circuit Stickers.

Kit Contains:

- 12 white LED stickers
- 6 each of red, yellow, and blue LED stickers
- 1 roll of copper tape (5 meters)
- 2 CR2032 coin cell batteries
- 2 small binder clips
- 1 swatch of conductive plastic
- 1 swatch of Z-conductive tape
- 1 copy of the "Circuit Sticker Sketchbook" by Jie Qi, an introductory guide to using circuit stickers.