Variable Temperature Soldering Station Variable Temperature Soldering Station
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Variable Temperature Soldering Station

Stahl Tools

Stahl's soldering station gets rave reviews. It provides variable temperature soldering but at a price sensible for occasional users. Variable temperature soldering irons give you control of the iron's heat, helping to create good connections each time.

Soldering isn't as difficult, or frankly, scary, as it might look. It's a standard tool in electronics and jewelry making. That said, it's always best to wear safety googles and to supervise children when using an iron.

The Stahl Tools STSSVT Variable Temperature Soldering Station comes with:
  • On/off switch with "power-on" indicator light
  • Variable heat setting equivalent to 5-40 Watts
  • Lightweight pencil iron
  • Cushioned rubber grip
  • Replaceable heating element
  • Includes coiled iron holder and tip-cleaning sponge
  • 120 VAC

The manufacturer recommends placing the iron in the stand when you're not using it. You can clean the outside of the station with a damp cloth but never submerse the unit in liquid or use solvents when cleaning. If the supply cord is damaged, a qualified service technician must replace it.