Workshop : Krijtjes (Little Crayons) - With Merel Karhof at Heal's London

Workshop : Krijtjes (Little Crayons) - With Merel Karhof at Heal's London

Join SMP and Merel Karhof this winter for a making workshop packed full of colour, creativity and culture. After just twenty minutes you can take away your very own 'krijtjes' (unique wax crayons made in the Dutch tradition) to use yourself or give as a gift.

Led by Dutch designer Merel Karhof, this special workshop incorporates colour pigments from Verfmolen 'de Kat' (a pigment windmill in The Netherlands) and fragrant melting beeswax. Each colour has it's own story: the 'tile red' is made from recycled, ground-up roof tiles from Holland; and the 'blue gold' pigment refers to the historically important blues used in trade and Delftware. Learn about each pigment whilst participating in its magical transformation from dust to tool.

The Krijtjes (Little Crayons) Workshop takes place at the prestigious Heal's furniture store in central London on Saturday 13 December 2014 from 11am - 4pm. Book your tickets here.

The workshop is only £5 and we suggest signing up in advance to book your place. It is open to all ages - though given the warm wax we suggest it is best for those age 7 and up. All children must be accompanied by an adult.

This workshop is run by designer Merel Karhof. Merel was born in the Netherlands and now lives and works in London, UK. Her research-driven, process-led working method drives her to develop her own tools and products, functioning as 'three-dimensional sketchbooks' to visualise her studies. She has presented her work in exhibitions in London, Milan, Venice and Amsterdam.

Ambrose Room at Heal's
196 Tottenham Court Road
London W1T 7LQ

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