Crayon Rocks - Bag of 16
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Crayon Rocks - Bag of 16

Crayon Rocks

These crayons are just simply wonderful; the product and the story will make you smile. Barbara Lee was a special needs teacher for 23 years. She developed Crayon Rocks to help her students learn a proper tripod grip. Rock crayons are specifically shaped to encourage the use of the thumb, first and second fingers in what is typically a child's first writing instrument - a crayon.

Not only is the shape a teaching tool, it also allows kids to create fine and thick washes of color of varying intensity.

The crayons are made in Hestand, Kentucky from USA-grown and processed Kosher soy wax. Their vibrant colors come from mineral-based pigments.

They are certified non-toxic, conform to ASTM 4236 and are CPSIA compliant. The crayons can be eaten BUT do pose a choking hazard for small children. Please use an appropriate level of supervision with little ones under 3.

Each draw-string bag comes with 16 assorted colors.