Verfmolen De Kat Windmill Pigments - Galappels (Oak Apple) Verfmolen De Kat Windmill Pigments - Galappels (Oak Apple)
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Verfmolen De Kat Windmill Pigments

Verfmolen De Kat

Verfmolen De Kat (The Paint Mill Cat) has been milling pigments by the power of the wind since 1781. A Dutch institution, colors from this famous windmill include Pannenrood - made from ground Dutch roof tiles - and Ultramrijn blauw - historically called Dutch Gold for its role in Dutch commerce. For those interested in Delft tiles, the color will be instantly recognizable.

There are 11 colors from De Kat plus a separate listing for Champagne Chalk here. You can use these pigments to make your own crayons, colored chalks, or paints.

Designer and SMP friend, Merel Karhof, created a fantastic project, called Krijtjes - meaning Little Crayons - using De Kat's pigments. For full instructions, supplies and templates, please click here.

Here is a video of the mill, done for the Dutch Festival of Industry and Culture. It is in Dutch, but gives a wonderful overview of this fabulous structure and business.

The colors are:

Plantaardige Indigo - Indigo Plant - 50 grams
Pannenrood - Ground Dutch Roof Tiles - 100 grams
Ultramrijn Blouw - Ultramarine Blue - 100 grams

Cutch of Cachou in Poeder - Cashew Powder - 200 grams
Meekrap Wortel - Meekrap Carrots (Brownish Orange) - 200 grams
Geelhout of Fustic - Yellow Wood or Fustic - 200 grams

Indisch Geel Imitatie - Imitation Indian Yellow - 50 grams
Cochenille - Cochenille (Soft Red) - 50 grams
Galappels - Oak Apple - 200 grams

Zeegroen - Sea Green - 100 grams
Driebrand of Roetzwart - Three Fired Black - 100 grams

To give an idea of weights:

  • 50 grams - 1.75 ounces
  • 100 grams - 3.5 ounces
  • 200 grams - 7 ounces
  • 1 kilogram - 35 ounces (2.2 pounds)

Verfmolen De Kat
Kalverringdijk 29
1509 BT Zaandam
The Netherlands