Silververket 925-N11

Silververket 925-N11

Once upon a yesteryear, Charlotta Carlsson owned a supermarket with her brothers. Now she owns a treasure chest. After a year of studying silversmithing in Stockholm Folkuniversitetet, she felt the lack of places to go in and buy materials in the city. Somewhere that people could walk into and get that 'candy store' feeling.


Silververket is light and welcoming, a mixture of antique wooden shop-fittings and gleaming white surfaces. Sheet metal, dyed leather, glittering stones, Perspex, delicate matte chain, books, tools and polishes are all in place. A few stuffed ravens preside over the cache of shining things and the staff are trained jewelers, able to advise. The recently renovated shop was formerly a goldsmith's workshop that had been there several decades, so there's a sense that they're continuing the story of the space.

Charlotta (r) and Catarina (l), a trained silversmith working part time at Silververket

As well as a great collection of supplies, they're offering courses in a range of disciplines from basic wire soldering to traditional Sami bracelets made from reindeer skin embroidered with pewter wire, fastened with a reindeer horn button. Kits and videos are coming soon and we can't wait to see them.

They also sell a small range of finished jewelry from international designers and locals. An early winner has been a series of delicate silver rings - part of their own collection "Silververket Handmade" - crafted round the corner from the shop in the fashionable island district of Södermalm. Some have eternity knots in them but our favorites are almost completely plain, just an unbroken circle of silver and three tiny stamps - 925 for silver, the goldsmith's mark and Silververket's logo. They're made in the full range of sizes and people have been making the trip from all over the city to collect them.

Charlotta's ethos of making a pleasure out of the practical business of choosing materials sits well in an area full of interesting start-ups. She's surrounded by bike shops, small art galleries, even a handmade salt licorice boutique. It's her favorite part of town - we think they're lucky to have her.

Skånegatan 79, 116 35 Stockholm, Sweden
+46 8 643 04 04

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