Crookabeck Herdwick Hog Wool Crookabeck Herdwick Hog Wool Crookabeck Herdwick Hog Wool
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Crookabeck Herdwick Hog Wool

Crookabeck Farm

Shepherdess Mary Bell of Crookabeck Farm in Patterdale, Cumbria, England has been raising goats and sheep for many years. The 40 acre farm, named for the property's shape resembling a Shepherd's crook, has been in existence since the 1700s and remains today a thriving escape full of livestock, other wild animals, mesmerising plant life, and a natural rock garden.

The name "Herdwick" is derived from the Old Norse herdvyck, meaning sheep pasture, and it's thought that the breed has been native to Cumbria since the Viking invasions. Hog wool is the sheep's first fleece and it's a beautiful, almost purplish, dark grey-brown. The coarse texture of this hardy yarn makes it a wonderful insulator and means it also felts well. Perfect for sweaters, blankets, rugs and more.

Sold in 50g balls of chunky yarn.