Ernest Wright & Son Stork Scissors Ernest Wright & Son Stork Scissors Ernest Wright & Son Stork Scissors
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Ernest Wright & Son Stork Scissors

The old adage, "buy the best tools you can afford, and look after them," very much applies here. These are the kind of scissors that become heirlooms. When you hold a pair in your hands, you can feel their weight and smoothed steel composition; they are a delight to cut with. Ernest Wright and Son was established in 1902 in Sheffield, England. Once a thriving hive of stainless steel production, they are now only one of two remaining scissor makers in the city.

Generations of Wrights have passed on their knowledge and skill to ensure these scissors are of very high quality. Each stage of production is undertaken by hand.

These classic polished 'Stork' embroidery scissors are 4 1/2" L (12cm) and are made of hard-wearing carbon steel blades for long-life precision edge retention. The have straight blades and a very fine point for delicate work. Each one comes with a life-time guarantee. Should be stored in dry conditions.

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