Sennelier Le Maxi Block Drawing Pad - 6" Square Sennelier Le Maxi Block Drawing Pad - 6" Square
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Sennelier Le Maxi Block Drawing Pad


A good quality, great value and utterly handsome sketch pad from Sennelier. This distinctive square version has been famous in art circles for many decades with its Yves Klein blue cover, top binding and European fold-back cover. Ideal for drawing and sketching in graphite and color pencil, pen and ink.

Contains 250 pages of acid free, machine-made, woven paper in white.

Three sizes available:
  • 12.5" square (31.75cm)
  • 10" square (25.4cm)
  • 6" square (15.24cm)

Maison Sennelier is an institution of the Left Bank of Paris, having provided exquisite art supplies to the most celebrated names in 19th and 20th century art since 1887. Always guided by the aesthetic vision of his clientèle, Gustave Sennelier - and later his son Henri - created innovative oils, watercolors, tempera and pastels, favored by Degas, Chagall, Picasso, Cezanne, and Hockney to name but a few. In 1994 the Sennelier family sold the production of their paints and pigments to Max Sauer SAS who continue to produce these beautiful materials from the same plant in Brittany, France. Dominique and his daughter, 3rd and 4th generations of the Sennelier family, continue to manage and nurture their delightful Parisian shop.

Made in France.