Sennelier Half Stick Soft Pastels - Set of 20 Sennelier Half Stick Soft Pastels - Set of 20 Sennelier Half Stick Soft Pastels - Set of 20
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Sennelier Half Stick Soft Pastels - Set of 20


Sennelier's Soft pastels are easier to use than traditional oil pastels. First developed for Degas by Gustave Sennelier in the late 1800s, the range now includes more than 552 shades derived from 83 pure tones.

Still created by hand in the same traditional manner, these pastels contain no filler or clay to dull the vivid, water-soluble color. Sennelier Pastels are available in half-sticks allowing you to sample twice as many rich, wonderful colors.

Each half stick pastel measures 1¼" long × ½" in diameter (32 mm × 13 mm).

Warning: These products may contain Titanium Dioxide which is a chemical known to the state of California to cause cancer. Pending confirmation from the manufacturer, we are labeling these products with the Prop 65 icon. As we learn more, we'll update this message.

Maison Sennelier is an institution of the Left Bank of Paris, having provided exquisite art supplies to the most celebrated names in 19th and 20th century art since 1887. Always guided by the aesthetic vision of his clientèle, Gustave Sennelier - and later his son Henri - created innovative oils, watercolors, tempera and pastels, favored by Degas, Chagall, Picasso, Cezanne, and Hockney to name but a few. In 1994 the Sennelier family sold the production of their paints and pigments to Max Sauer SAS who continue to produce these beautiful materials from the same plant in Brittany, France. Dominique and his daughter, 3rd and 4th generations of the Sennelier family, continue to manage and nurture their delightful Parisian shop.

Made in France.