Sajou Red Album - Classic Embroidery Patterns - 907
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Sajou Red Album - Classic Embroidery Patterns


This 8 page, accordion-fold album contains 24 patterns for embroidering Medieval figures. The patterns are usually found within traditional 'Chambord' plaids but can be adapted to fit any project. Rather than being a re-edition, this unique series was created by Frédérique Crestin-Billet who wanted to add her own contribution to the Sajou collection.

The albums are made from one long piece of card with the patterns printed onto blue paper, the color of Sajou's vintage storage boxes. The front and back covers are also printed in the traditional Maison Sajou style.

For embroidery projects using Laine Saint-Pierre and Tonkin threads.

Album Dimensions: 4" x 6" (10 x 15 cm) when closed and 6" x 40" (15 x 100 cm) when open.

Pattern book n°906 is also available.

Sajou was founded by Federique Crestin-Billet in 2005 when she discovered that the name Sajou, a brand synonymous with 19th century embroidery patterns, was once again in the public domain. The rest is history. Today, Frederique and her lovely team have created a thriving haberdashery business that aids in the preservation and growth of numerous French small manufacturers.

Her love for her craft, history and country are visible in everything she does from her manner, to her products and even her packaging. With the exception of a couple of items (such as ribbons from Italy), everything is Made in France.

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