Fil au Chinois Metallic Thread - Gold
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Fil au Chinois Metallic Thread

Ets Toulemonde

Fil au Chinois' metallic thread is such fun to work with! The thread can be used for hand or machine stitching or any other project that comes to mind. And immediately offers a lovely metallic shine (without the cost of the real thing).

The thread is made from a thin strip of gimped metallic-coated plastic. It's tightly coiled to give it a smooth shiny finish that won't fray.

Each spool comes with 110 yards (100 m) of thread.
100% polyester.
We currently have Gold, Copper, Old Gold and Silver available.

Fil Au Chinois products are manufactured in Northern France by Ets Toulemonde and exclusively distributed in the US in partnership with Sajou, a thriving haberdashery business founded by Federique Crestin-Billet in 2005.

Federique's love for her craft, history and country are visible in everything she does from her manner, to her products and their packaging. Sajou aids in the preservation and growth of numerous French small manufacturers, including Fils au Chinois.

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