Sajou Murano Glass Head Pins Sajou Murano Glass Head Pins
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Sajou Murano Glass Head Pins


Each rosette comes with 40 beautiful Murano glass head pins. Another beautiful yet highly functional case from Sajou, the rosette not only displays these tiny examples of Murano glassworks craftsmanship, but stores them away safely when not in use.

Dimension of rosette: diametre : 7.5 cm.
Dimensions of pins: length, 30 mm - diametre : 0.60 mm. The glass is from Murano.

Sajou was founded by Federique Crestin-Billet in 2005 when she discovered that the name Sajou, a brand synonymous with 19th century embroidery patterns, was once again in the public domain. The rest is history. Today, Frederique and her lovely team have created a thriving haberdashery business that aids in the preservation and growth of numerous French small manufacturers.

Her love for her craft, history and country are visible in everything she does from her manner, to her products and even her packaging.

With the exception of a couple of items (such as ribbons from Italy), everything is Made in France.

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