Merchant & Mills Women's Tissue Patterns - 101 Drawstring Pants (Trousers) Merchant & Mills Women's Tissue Patterns - 101 Drawstring Pants (Trousers)
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Merchant & Mills Women's Tissue Patterns

Merchant & Mills

Alongside their traditional cardboard patterns, Merchant & Mills have developed tissue paper versions of classic styles for easy and rewarding home sewing.

The patterns are meticulously developed by Carolyn Denham with an emphasis on silhouettes that avoid fussy fastenings and details. Each finished article is a masterpiece in clean lines and great tailoring that gives a grown-up and ultimately elegant feel.

This Women's 101 Drawstring Pants (Trouser) Pattern features side pockets and a false fly, cut to sit right on the waist. The pattern provides instructions on how to sew together the basic design and can be adapted to create cropped, tapered, wide leg pants or shorts.

Ideal for fabrics that will softly drape including; linen, soft cotton, fine wool, wool crepe, washed silk or rayon.
Creates pant sizes 6-16 (US) 8-18 (UK).

Merchant & Mills is "determined to encourage the world to sew." Founded by Carolyn Denham, M&M seems to single-handedly lift dressmaking out of its association with drudgery and cutesy florals. Alongside patterns, M&M also sells an ever-expanding, supremely curated collection of fabrics and sewing notions. Products are utilitarian, pleasurable and 'proper.'