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Khadi Papers Lokta Pulp

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Lokta pulp is 100% pure bast fiber from the inner bark of Lokta (daphne bholua) plant. Lokta is a native plant that grows above 2 miles (3000 meters) in the Himalayan forests. This fiber is a renewable resource as plants are cropped above the ground level and can be re-harvested after 3-4 years. Lokta fiber has been used in Himalayan paper-making for more than a thousand years.

Lokta fiber can be used in Western and Asian styles of paper-making. Traditionally it is used for making a light weight but strong and durable paper for woodcut printing.

Sold in 250 gram bundles. It is acid free.

In the early 1980's, Khadi Papers was the first to introduce Indian handmade papers to artists and designers in London. Fifteen years ago, Kahdi, in partnership with Mr. Vasudevan, the former head of India's Handmade Paper Institute, established its own paper mill. The mill now employs more than 50 men and women and additional jobs for local bookbinders, printers, envelope makers and carpenters.

The mill also runs its own organic farm, irrigated by the run-off water from the paper mill. Here Khadi grows mangoes, bananas and vegetables.

The paper mill is near Karnataka in South India in a cotton growing area. Cotton, more specifically cotton rag offcuts from local industry, is Khadi's primary raw material.

The supplies available on The Saturday Market Project will provide you with the raw materials to make your own handmade paper.