Birch Bark Sheet Birch Bark Sheet Birch Bark Sheet
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Birch Bark Sheet

The Swedes have long woven strips of birch bark into intricate ornamental baskets and lidded vessels. Native Americans used whole pieces to create bags and even stitched large pieces together to make canoes. Birch bark is a fascinating and versatile natural material that humans have been exploring and manipulating for centuries.

Birch bark can only be harvested during a very short window of time each year, usually in June or July. After testing numerous sources from Canada, the United States and Sweden, we settled on this superb source of Swedish birch. It takes a bit of practice to get the hang of stripping the bark to manageable thicknesses and this bark makes that learning process a bit easier.

This listing accompanies two make your own projects to create Birch Baskets and Containers. These projects take a contemporary twist on traditional Swedish vessels by using larger strips of bark in combination with cork and dowels. The result is a clean, calm blend of Swedish and Japanese styles that cleverly uses one of the forests' most stately inhabitants. Click here or here for full instructions.

Each sheet measures about 20 " square (50cm) and is shipped flat.

Imported from Sweden.