Kazan Squirrel Mop - Isabey Series 6234 - Size 04
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Kazan Squirrel Mop


Isabey's classic French Quill Mops are made from the finest Kazan Petit Gris (Squirrel) hair; tightly packed into the ferrule and fastened in the traditional manner.

They are prized for their thick strokes, capacity to retain a huge amount of water and unsurpassed color absorption ideal for applying watercolor washes.

Isabey continues to keep the tradition of brush making alive. Established in France in 1895, Isabey still makes all their brushes manually and works with the finest materials available to them. This results in brushes of unrivaled quality with different fibers selected for different strokes and movements. Master craftswomen apprentice for 10 years to learn these artisanal skills.

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