BT&C Dewaxed Shellac Kit - Garnet BT&C Dewaxed Shellac Kit - Garnet BT&C Dewaxed Shellac Kit - Garnet
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BT&C Dewaxed Shellac Kit

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Did you know that shellac is an organic and naturally occurring resin that is actually secreted by the Lac bug in India? The waxy resin that Lac bugs secrete is harvested and processed to produce dry shellac flakes that, once combined with denatured alcohol, can be used as a sealant or primer on all types of materials - wood, metal, fabric, or cork to name a few. Shellac makes for a great finishing coat and protective layer to various projects. BT&C's shellac flakes are refined and de-waxed so that the outcome is a perfectly clear finish.

To use this kit is simple. Just open up the mason jar, fill with 8oz of denatured alcohol (found at hardware stores), close the jar and shake until flakes are dissolved. A safer alternative to using denatured alcohol is grain alcohol - Ethanol - above 190 proof, which can be found at liquor stores in some states. Once the shellac is in liquid form you can brush or wipe it on your projects for a protective finish. Add as many coats as you'd like allowing for proper drying time between coats. Shellac will be thin and goes a long way so this kit should get you through several small projects. Once mixed, shellac can be re-sealed and used again. Best results are yielded if kept in a cool, dry environment and used within three months of mixing. Brushes used for shellac should not be cleaned, instead brush off excess shellac after use and hang to dry.

This garnet shellac is best for darker projects in color such as walnut, cherry and oak woods.

WARNING: BT&C recommends wearing safety glasses, gloves and working in a well ventilated area when using shellac. Not recommended for children.

BT&C Dewaxed Shellac Kits are a product of Tools For Working Wood, a distributor of fine hand tools in Brooklyn, NY.

Made in India and packaged in the USA.