Large Notebooks, from Nib London - Peaks Large Notebooks, from Nib London - Peaks
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Large Notebooks, from Nib London

Nib London

All Nib London notebooks are made with the highest quality paper available. They are perfect tools for creative thinking, note making, sketching and drawing.

Each 32 page notebook is designed, screen printed and hand stitched in Nib's Brixton, London studio.

Two sizes and multiple designs are available. This listing is for the larger, A5 size which comes in three designs - Peaks, Giraffe and Speck.

Peaks and Giraffe have durable 250 gsm covers manufactured from byproducts of the beer industry, giving them naturally flecked and entirely unique looks. Speck is made with a 270 gsm cover made from card saturated with a deep and consistent colour.

Nib London was founded in 2014 by Lydia Hardwick and William Cheshire. Coming from very different creative backgrounds, both share interests in material, pattern and surface, as well as an appreciation for good looking, functional stationery.

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