Pocket Color Wheel Pocket Color Wheel
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Pocket Color Wheel

The Color Wheel Company

Sir Isaac Newton developed the color wheel in the late 1660s during his experiments with white sunlight. He discovered that all colors come from singular infractions that create an entire spectrum.

This compact version of the color wheel is convenient to carry. It teaches relationships, values and schemes by organizing colors in a fashion that easily displays their inter-relations.

Color affects the way we feel and behave; in understanding how colors relate to one another we can better create and direct specific moods in our projects, work and day-to-day life!

The Color Wheel Company was founded in 1986 by Jerry Haines who was, at the time, the general manager and buyer for a local paint store. Prior to this venture, Jerry had a craft kits business. A family always dedicated to the fine arts, Jerry handed over the color wheel business to his eldest son, Ken Haines, in 1999. Ken relocated the company to Philomath, Oregon shortly thereafter. The Color Wheel Company prints their color wheels in Portland and hand assembles and ships from their headquarters in Philomath. The team has a passion for educating on color theory and their wheels are designed to help the user better understand color relationships and color mixing.

Diameter 9-1/4" (23.5 cm)
Made in the USA