PaperPhine Strong Twine on Small Bobbin - Aubergine PaperPhine Strong Twine on Small Bobbin - Aubergine
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PaperPhine Strong Twine on Small Bobbin


This new small bobbin contains 33 yards (30 meters) of strong paper twine in Black. The twine is about 0.04" in diameter (1mm). Each bobbin is about 2.5" H x 2" W (6 x 5cm).

The twine can be used for just about anything (knitting, crocheting, macrame, gift wrapping, hanging light things). It's strong but pliable with a fabulous texture and brilliant, saturated colors.

PaperPhine in run by Linda Thalmann and her team in a tiny 19th century studio in Vienna, Austria. Linda is a serious paper lover, and has turned her obsession and textile training into a thriving business. The twine is made in Europe for Linda (from European wood). She hand dyes each and every spool. Like hand dyed yarn, there will be some slight variation in color, but to be honest, we couldn't see it. Linda is very good at this.

P.S. -- Paper twines can get wet! Linda suggests cleaning with a damp cloth (though a they will withstand a light rinse!). But, to pass them to the next generation, she recommends keeping them away from water and humidity.