Marbling Paints - Individual - Ruby Red Marbling Paints - Individual - Ruby Red
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Marbling Paints - Individual

C. KREUL GmbH & Co. KG

Magic Marble Paint does not require the use of a seizing material or other additives to float and adhere to paper or objects. It works with paper, wood, glass, plastic, metal even wax. The more you use, the more intense the coloration becomes.

Each glass vile contains 20 ml (0.68 ounces) of paint and an eye dropper.

For instruction on how to marble paper, please see our projects on gem-shaped and rectangular containers. But we also found these instructions a good introduction for marbling objects.

C. Kreul recommends wearing protective eyewear and keeping the room ventilated -- good practices whenever working with paint!

Available Colors (left to right): Silver, Gold, Black, Ruby Red, Rose and Copper.

Made in Germany.