Teflon T-Rib for Scoring Paper
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Teflon T-Rib for Scoring Paper

A T-RIB might look a bit odd, but it's a very handy tool for folding, smoothing and manipulating thicker papers. Made of Teflon, this T-Rib is heavier than its wooden ancestor making it great for working with stiff paper like card stock.

Teflon has a couple magical properties that make it ideal for use with paper. Most importantly, it is non-stick so glue, ink, paint, etc... won't stick and build up over time. Second, it does not damage the paper or leave a mark when folding, smoothing (burnishing) or scoring.

Use the t-rib to create an indented line in your paper before folding or shaping it.

T-Ribs can also be used for opening, shaping, curving, smoothing and trimming wet clay on the potter's wheel.

Size 4 1/4 " W (10.8 cm)