elemen'tary Screwdriver No. 2 elemen'tary Screwdriver No. 2 elemen'tary Screwdriver No. 2 elemen'tary Screwdriver No. 2
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elemen'tary Screwdriver No. 2

elemen'tary Design

elemen'tary Design was founded by Justin Holmes six years ago after his search for a proper screwdriver ended in frustration. "Whenever I went 'round to friends, they'd ask me to fix things. And every time they'd have some dreadfully inadequate screwdriver. So, I decided to make a good one."

An engineer by training and a gifted cabinet maker, Justin spent a great deal of time perfecting his screwdrivers, down to his specially-designed packaging. The handles fit snugly, the fittings stay put and the bits lock with the screw as they should. They are a pleasure to hold and work with. The handles are made of beech in England. They are finished by hand in linseed oil and will naturally darken with age and use.

Several people have asked us about the name. elemen'tary comes from the dictionary's definition, "1 clear. 2 original. 3 straightforward" - a fitting name for something that aptly demonstrates quality, comfort and simplicity.

Screwdriver No. 2 is elemen'tary's smallest model, ideal for compact living or as the family go-to kitchen screwdriver.

No. 2 is 3" long (7.5cm) and comes with 6 interchangeable bits.

All screwdrivers are guaranteed against manufacture defect.

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