Organic Tanned Shearling Sheepskin - Whole
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Organic Tanned Shearling Sheepskin

Organic Sheepskins

We don't quite know where to begin with this phenomenal shearling; there's SO much good to say.

Nicki Port has run Organic Sheepskins Farm and Tannery since 1996. She was the first and still is the only registered organic sheepskin tannery in the British Isles. Her farm and tannery are not only organic, they are run with great care and consideration for all aspects of her ecosystem.

Her tannery uses Mimosa from South African trees harvested in such a way so as nothing is left to waste. The use of natural vegetable tannins, like Mimosa, means a much slower tanning process (unlike chrome) but results in a sheepskin that is soft to the touch, machine washable and totally safe for people of all ages. Mimosa also happens to be biodegradable, and Nicki runs the tannery's grey water through their own reed bed for onsite purification.

All skins are:

  • Selected from organic British flock
  • Come from sheep that have gone into the food chain
  • Made with no bleaches, dyes or toxic chemicals
  • Non allergenic
  • Machine washable

Shearling can be cut, sewn, molded like any leather. It has the added benefit of a warm, soft fluffy side that is so cozy on the skin.

*Please note, while these shearling are similar in coloration, each one is unique so some variation from the picture should be expected!