WASARA Compostable Dinnerware - Compote
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WASARA Compostable Dinnerware


WASARA compostable compote, tumbler and bowl are made in Japan from tree-free renewable materials including sugar cane fiber, bamboo and reed pulp. The have the best texture - almost as soft as cotton rag paper. Each is biodegradable and compostable. They are suitable for cold or hot (but not boilIng) liquids and are oil- and water-resistant. Sold in packs of 6.

Tumbler dimensions: 4" diam. x 3.2" tall; volume approx. 10 oz
Bowl dimensions: 5.1" diam. x 2.5" tall; volume approx. 16 oz
Compote dimensions: 5.0" diam. x 2.5" tall; volume approx. 10 oz

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