mt Casa Washi Tape - 4" Chocolate mt Casa Washi Tape - 4" Chocolate
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mt Casa Washi Tape

mt tape

Casa is mt's latest range of washi tapes. Designed to be applied to walls, furniture, and other objects in need of a wider stripe. As with their signature 15mm wide rolls, Casa rolls can be removed from just about any surface without damage. These tapes are definitely a renter's friend.

Each roll is 4" wide x 11 yards long (100mm x 10 m).

mt masking tape is made by Kamoi Kakoshi Co in Okayama Prefecture, Japan. The tapes are made with washi (rice) paper and a special adhesive similar to masking tape that makes them movable without causing damage. Something of a phenomenon since their launch in 2006, mt tapes come in a vivid range of colors and patterns.

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