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mt Washi Tape - Tape Suites

mt tape

mt masking tape is made by Kamoi Kakoshi Co in Okayama Prefecture, Japan. The tapes are made with washi (rice) paper and a special adhesive similar to masking tape. The tape can be moved without causing damage to the surface. Something of a phenomenon since their launch in 2006, mt tapes come in a vivid range of colors and patterns.

This set comes with 5 rolls of different sizes and colors wrapped in glassine:

  • Hakka (Mint)- 1/4" (6mm)
  • Peach- 3/8" (9mm)
  • Bottle Green- 1/4" (6mm)
  • Border Purple- 3/8" (9mm)
  • Pale Blue- 1.2" (30mm)