ADX Portland ADX Portland ADX Portland

ADX Portland

ADX, is a popular shared workshop, manufacturing facility, and communal clubhouse in Portland, OR's Central Eastside's heart. It is a membership-based facility, where membership means access to 10,000 square feet of productive space, a wide range of equipment, and a place within a beehive-like community of people who want to make stuff. You could call ADX the country club of the Maker Era, except the place is not about leisure, but about fostering a fun and industrious creative life. You can become a member, take a class, join a potato bake, or ask their talented staff to make you something. We are big fans.
  • type: Make Spaces, Small-Batch Producers, Classes
  • web site:
  • address: 417 SE 11TH AVE, PORTLAND, OR, 97214, USA

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