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FabLab Kamakura


FabLab Kamakura combines analog and digital technology to activate links across generations, areas, regions and national borders. The organization fosters self-confidence, willingness, and embraces trial and error. FabLab Kamakura aims to be a space where members can grow together in cooperation with the larger FabLab network, both at home and abroad, to promote FAB learning in the 21st century.


  • Classes & Events
  • Co-Working Space
  • Design Consultation
  • Fabrication Services
  • Open Membership
  • Supplies Shop

Tools & Equipment

  • Bike Shop
  • Ceramics Studio
  • Computer Lab
  • Digital Fabrication
  • Electronics Bench
  • Glass Shop
  • Jewelry Bench
  • Metal Shop
  • Photography Studio
  • Printing Studio
  • Textiles
  • Wood Shop